Endless Frustration (or my kid has ADHD)

So, I’ve been spending a lot of the free time I have reading about ADHD because I am of the opinion that data is always helpful. While I don’t have it, my youngest does and it provides both me and her an endless supply of frustration. I thought I’d share this video because Jessica’s explanations are always helpful to me and they may help you.

How to Explain ADHD

Please know that there are tons of resources out there if you need to know more. I may do a post of my current ones at some point. I’m sure there will be more on this at some point. It’s been a heck of a journey and it’s only just begun…


What a school year. It’s been a momentous one, to say the least but it’s finally over. I graduated and next week I’ll be taking my boards. That is definitely making me nervous but I know the task is attainable so I keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself that I had some incredible teachers. They believe I can do it so I can do it.

The impending licensure of also means that my days of working all weekend, every weekend are almost at an end. That fact alone makes me giddy. I want to do all the things! All weekend! Honestly though, I will spend plenty of time at home because that’s how life goes and there’s a lot that needs to be done in the house. Having the time will be good.

Next year, my oldest will start 5th grade. For us, that’s the last year of elementary school. It also means helping him figure out what he wants to do for middle school. He insists that he wants to stay in the STEM track but we’ll see after he has a chance to look at the middle school options next year.

My youngest will be starting third grade. We will see what testing brings us with her ADHD. They also want her to be tested by the school psychologist to make sure there’s nothing that’s being overlooked. I love data, so I’m fine with that. The more I know, the better a decision I can ultimately make. I think that she may need more challenging work – she jumped seven reading levels this year – but we will see what happens.

I will be looking at BSN programs. Hopefully by January, I can start working on that. I want to go back to teaching eventually and I need to have a master’s for that. Plans are flexible but it’s always good to have a plan. That’s my plan for now.

When I look back at everything that has happened since I quit my job teaching I can’t help but be grateful. The path has not been smooth and I’ve had moments where I wasn’t sure where to go next. I imagine that will happen again. One thing I’ve discovered is the truth in the lyrics that John Lennon sang – “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

I will leave you all with this. Today was high school graduation around here. I watched the clips from the school where I once taught and realized that if I walked into that building, very few adults and none of the students would know who I was. Time goes on and while I look back and wonder at times, I know for sure that the decisions I made were all the right ones. They seemed hard at the time and I thought they might have been wrong but I know now that they weren’t. I have grown and changed, as has that school. If I could go back in time, this is one decision that I wouldn’t change. Unless it was to say that I should have left sooner. I trust that I had things to learn while I was there and I hope that I learned what I needed to. And maybe it was just this – things will be ok.


I haven’t vanished

You probably thought that I had given up on the whole blogging thing. You would be wrong. I did have a stretch where I had a lot of work to do and it seemed as though a million little tasks popped up. Then I got a cold. However, things are slowing back down. School is getting ready to be done for the semester (yay!) and the end is in sight. Stuff happens.

I am going to give blogmas a try. Posting everyday in December may not happen – and the posts may not be all that long – but I’ll give it my best shot!

That’s all I have to say today. Happy blogging. 🙂


It’s November 

If you write then you probably know that November is all about writing. NaNoWriMo has started. It’s a good thing I did prep work in early October because the last couple of weeks were crazy. There’s still quite a bit of crazy but I have started work on this book of mine. Of course I’m already “behind” but I’m not worried about it. I decided that I would write as much as I could and if I finish then great. If I don’t, the world won’t end. 

I have already had to adjust my outline. The chapter that I thought was one has turned out to be two and may be three before it’s over. I had to change it a little because one of my main characters pointed out that he would never ask that question at a crime scene. So we had to alter the course of events. And I will not tell you what question caused him to change his mind. 

I never considered how sentient these characters become in one’s head. Even after just a few chapters, these characters have very clear ideas about what they would or would not do. I guess the time I spent working on personality paid off.

So that’s where I am right now. Slowly working towards my end goal of a completed novel whether it’s November 30th or some point in December. I decided that victory was completing the story even if it’s not done in one month. Especially since I have a couple other small things I’d like to work on and responsiblities that I need to focus on, like school and the kiddos. I honestly don’t think I’ll finish by the end of the month but I’ll keep working towards the finish line and who knows. Maybe inspiration will strike and cause three thousand words to spill out in one day. 

Happy writing!



So, yes, my blog schedule is not going as well as planned. I have the failure to use my bullet journal as I should as part of the issue. I was doing better when I scheduled writing time and I’ve been forgetting to do that as of late. So that’s my fault. Then last week was a vacation week from school and I spent my days doing as little as possible except for cleaning my house. I managed to do some NaNo prep, which was important and watch some Netflix, which is always good way to waste time. And then we went back to school this week so my schedule has been all over the place. I will admit to not having had a run for two weeks up until yesterday. It was a bad waste of time.

Probably the biggest issue I’ve had, as of late, is that I’m trying to figure out how to manage ADHD. I’ll kind of outline what exactly that means and how we got here for you briefly. The last school year was tumultuous for my seven year old daughter and for the first time I had issues with a child not behaving at school. Her brother is a consummate rule follower and I expected that she would be much more flower child. I did not anticipate this. Towards the end of the last school year, it became apparent that whatever was going on, it was not just free spirited child behavior. Something was seriously amiss. I mean, when your child flat out refuses to do the reading, as her teacher asks, and stands her ground, you have a problem. I didn’t want her to end up suspended from school and we were fast approaching that point.

I spoke with the school counselor and she suggested we run a Vanderbilt Assessment. If you aren’t familiar, it rates a child’s behavior looking specifically for ADHD. In July, her pediatrician confirmed what the counselor and I suspected. In that time since then, I have spent a lot of time reading as much as I can about ADHD and looking at ways to manage it. Clearly medication factors into this but medication eventually wears off. Also, I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted her on medication all the time (and it turns out I probably do, but I digress). So far, I have learned a wealth of things about ADHD that I had never even heard about before. This disorder is so misunderstood it is shocking. So, as I unearth info, I will be posting about that on occasion. I figure if all my research can end up helping somebody else, it will be well worth it. I know it’s helping me.

So, I am going to schedule things into my journal so that I remember to write (and run!) and be ready to see lots more on a whole new topic. Love to you all!


NaNo Prep

So, I have referenced before that I’m going to try NaNoWriMo. It will be a huge undertaking for sure, since I have school. School obviously comes first. I am going to give it my best shot though and if I don’t quite make it, that’s ok. I can keep writing past the end of November. I have been prepping as much as I can do that hopefully, come November 1, all I have to do is write. So how am I getting ready for this undertaking?

First is character outlines. I’ve been working on making sure I know what I need to about each character and really thinking about their pasts. I have been known to just write without thinking about character backgrounds and it slows me down a lot. I end up having to go back and double check facts. I can write without backgrounds but it takes a lot longer.

Second is a complete story outline. I usually like to write what I feel and if I had lots of time to write, I might try to write like I usually do. Problem is that I don’t have as much time as I’d like, so I am trying to get a thorough outline. That way I know what each chapter needs to be. I can still write whatever chapter I feel like but at least I know what needs to happen in that chapter and I can always edit for flow later.

Third is my way to feel more confident when I write and that’s to watch you tube videos. There are lots of videos about writing and I watch what seems relevant and absorb as much as I can. Hopefully, I’ll remember enough to make use of it and it’ll make my writing better.

There’s my plan. I’m going to give this a good try and hope that I end up with a rough draft. Then I can edit and hopefully there will be a book some day. If you’re going to NaNo, I hope that you’re excited and getting ready!