Healthy Eating

How to change your diet in 1000 easy steps…

So, as I headed toward 2017 I had several goals. One of those goals was to get my weight down to where my BMI no longer measured overweight. Now, I don’t take to much store in BMI since I know it can be affected by muscle. Honestly though? I don’t have nearly that much muscle. I’d like to but let’s be real. So, I decided that rather than hop onto one of the crazy fad diets (and I know a ton of people doing various ones) I looked at my diet and realized that if I changed my diet, I would probably lose weight. So that was what I decided to do. Well, that and actually track my calories.

I have an unfortunate tendency to underestimate what I have eaten. I figured an app could be helpful (I picked My Fitness Pal but honestly, I don’t think it matters). And since it’s always easier to make changes a little at a time, I started small. I tracked the calories in what I was eating for about 2 weeks. I didn’t change my diet to much but wow, there were a ton of calories there. And a lot of sugar.

I’m a nursing student, so I know what I should be eating, right? Proteins, fruits and vegetables, minimize processed foods, minimize fats, carbs in moderation. Well, 2 weeks in I could see that carbs in moderation is not my strong point. Also, the minimize processed foods is hard because of my schedule. So I started working in little steps. I didn’t think I could eliminate bread so I minimized it and found healthful alternatives. I will admit, I still have places to work on (pasta, for example) but it’s better. I also increased my fruits and vegetables in the hope that it would help with my always being hungry because most fruits and vegetables have almost no calories compared to processed stuff.

It’s working. I’ve lost about 10 pounds (I need a better scale, honestly!) and I rarely feel hungry after I’ve eaten a healthy meal. Now, when I eat junk, I can feel the difference. But it’s progress a little at a time.

I will be posting a list of the things I’m trying to change. I’m not calling them resolutions because I started in December and I don’t like the idea of resolutions. I want these changes to stick. So far they are, which is great. I expect to have difficulty at times… Valentine’s week was not pretty. But I have improved and I’m not depriving myself. If I want a treat, I have it. I pay for it later. But it’s helping because I know I can have it and I can decide if I want it or not. More often than not, I don’t. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, right?



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