Nursing School

Semester Check-In

As of Friday, I am officially half way through semester 2 of 5 of nursing school. Since we have 2 mini classes this semester, I thought I’d use this opportunity to check in and update everyone on how things are going.

First of all, I am exhausted. Having 2 classes in one semester is insane. Somehow, I am getting through all of it but it really does a number on your brain. Tomorrow is my final for the class and I am excited about that but also somewhat apprehensive knowing I’m about to start a whole new class which will also be done in 8 weeks.

Second, I am thrilled with how well I am doing so far. I was warned walking into this that nobody gets all A’s in nursing school. While that is certainly true for tests where there have been several B’s, I had an A for first semester and I’m hopeful that I can get another one. As long as I get an 85 on the final tomorrow, I’ll keep that A. I feel confident that I can do that. I have to go through my notebook again a couple times but I a lot of the material is recent (a benefit of having a class in 8 weeks – it’s harder to forget material from the beginning).

The second half of this semester is going to yield some interesting moments because for the first time, I will get to be in an OR and I will get to be part of an OB floor but NOT as the delivering mother (yay!). These two things are important to me. I don’t think that I want to be in the OR but I need to experience it and see how it is. I also don’t think I want to work in OB but again, the experience is important. If you’re wondering, I am currently thinking that I want to work in either the ED (my hospital has a great one!) or in pediatrics (my hospital also has a great children’s hospital).

So there it is – a check in on how my classes are going. I will update further, of course. For now wish me luck!



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