Progress makes for change

This morning before class I posted the 40 bags in 40 days graphic to share it with people who might want to give it a try. I did not intend to declutter. But when I got home from getting the snacks for our upcoming road trip, I was inspired. So I went over to my art supplies and looked at them and decided to declutter. Then I looked in closets again. And I checked under cabinets again. The end result is that I decluttered some more. Probably 2 bags worth. As I get further along in this journey, I find I am much more honest with what I need and what I really don’t. For example, I had kept 2 vases. I only need one and so I got rid of one. I looked through kitchen towels again and got rid of some more. I was brutal with art supplies. I got rid of pencils, paint, brushes, erasers and some unopened paper. I went through my craft and journal supplies as well and trimmed those some more.

I think it’s interesting how things change as I progress. What seemed important and untouchable before is now something that I am willing to look at and think carefully about. I noticed that with my diet changes too. I have gone without meat for 2 days. I’ve increased the amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables that I’ve taken in and I’ve thought hard about whether I want to get something out to eat or if I want to get something at home. Home usually wins. I can appreciate how things are changing and improving each time I move forward. It’s a nice place to be. I am hopeful that I will get a lot of walking in during our trip and lose more weight. I am considering adding an apple watch to my wishlist. I want to think about that carefully but I think it could be beneficial to my health journey.

So, I’m taking the weekend off for work. Twelve hour days leave little time for blogging. I will blog some while I’m away, for sure. It may not be every day but I’m hopeful that I can get some time every night to reflect on the trip and upload pictures. I’ll have to see what hotel wifi looks like. Here’s to new phases of my journey. I had a goal to make sure that I travel more and get to spend more time outside and this trip provides both.



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