Traveling to the city with 2 small-ish kids

The trip could be called an overall success. I was a little apprehensive about dealing with my two kids in the middle of Washington DC, full of Metro rides and crowded sidewalks. I am now proud to say that it went well. I need to give my kids more credit, I suppose. We did have challenges though.

Every parent knows the dreaded question on car rides – “Are we almost there?” I hate that question, especially since I didn’t really know the answer. I mean, I know what the GPS said but I have no way to know for sure because I’d never been there. I expected traffic and I was right. The stupid GPS kept trying to get me on the express lane of the highway but we don’t have a FastPass so I couldn’t. That got annoying quickly. The driving wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be though, so that was a definite win.

Ultimately though, I thought that having the kids in the midst of DC would be the worst part. My kids live in a more rural part of suburbia. Subways are unknown to them. Heck they’ve never ridden public transit because we really don’t have much here. They’ve ridden a school bus and that’s about it. One of my goals with this trip was to introduce them to the city. A real city with a good public transit. I want them to know what the world looks like beyond their backdoor. They rose to the occasion. In fact, the Metro might be one of their favorite parts of the trip. My daughter had to get over the fear of an escalator but by the end of the trip she was managing them well. My son is not the most observant kid, so he kept getting in people’s ways, which was frustrating but we will keep working on it. I assume that he’ll get better over time. At least, I hope he does.

Spending time in the Smithsonian was meh, for both of them. There were things that they liked and things they thought were boring. They loved the zoo but I knew they would. The zoo is a wonderful place and going to a new zoo is always awesome. I thought about going to the National Aquarium in Baltimore but we really didn’t have time for that. I enjoyed the zoo but really, I loved the Museum of American History. I saw Bert and Ernie. I adore Ernie and have ever since I was a little kid. When I was little Sesame Street was one of the few shows for kids and I watched it every day. I also loved a lot of the other exhibits though. There was a transportation exhibit and a food history exhibit. I got to see Julia Child’s kitchen, which was something else I watched all the time when I was little. Julia Child reminds me vaguely of my grandmother (I can’t tell you why, honestly). Plus I loved watching her cook. There was just lots of really neat stuff that made me smile and reminded me of being little (I remember when McDonalds had styrofoam containers).

So, there it is. I took 2 kids to a city and survived. Actually, it was fun and I would love to take them both to my all time favorite city – Boston. My once home is still my favorite place in the world and there’s so, so much to see there. I have to get them better about walking though. But I can only imagine my daughter’s face if I took her to Faneuil Hall.

Until next time, all you wonderful people!


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