Bullet Journal

For love of my BuJo!


This is my bullet journal. It is purple and it contains my life. No, I’m not kidding. I take this with me pretty much everywhere and it is more than just a planner. Some people have heard about bullet journaling and have no idea what it is. Others have never even heard of it (the horror!). Like most things these days, it has a following. I am totally a part of that group, although I’d never have thought I’d love it as much as I do. If you want an in depth explanation of how the system was created, you can go here: Bullet Journal

In the picture above, you see almost all of the stuff I use for my journal. My washi tape is put away with the stickers. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. First things first. Why do I love it so much? Honestly, because it’s so adaptable. I have weeks that are crazy and I have weeks that are almost sleepy. Now, the crazy is far more common but the sleepy weeks always get to me. In a regular journal, it just looks like I forgot to plan that week. It seemed like such a waste to me but there’s not much you can do about it in a regular planner. You can put stickers on the pages, and I have done that but it’s still kind of tough for me to stare at that empty space. Then there were things I wanted to put in a planner but couldn’t because there just wasn’t enough space for it. So then I had all this paper in there. Bullet journals were my fix to both problems.

This is last week in my journal. Notice, there are still stickers. There’s also color. And best of all, I can look and tell you at a glance what I did that week and what I didn’t get done. My handwriting needs some work too. Anyway, on to what I love about this. First off, there’s no wasted space. My whole week is here and I’m not looking at a crowded day and a couple empty ones, which would have happened in a regular journal. I also get to draw in here and that’s another reason that I love it. That piece of pie on Tuesday? I drew it in because I wanted it there. I added stickers to the other days. It snowed Wednesday – see the note I wrote?


This is also in my journal. It’s a habit tracker. I can tell very easily what things I need to work on and what things I need to improve on. You can’t do this in a regular planner easily – I’ve tried. At a glance, I can tell you that I need to work on my meditation but that I’m doing well with blogging every day (except my weekends when I have to work). This was freehanded but I took a ruler to my April one. The dots help a lot doing these types of things though. There’s still more great stuff you can do though!


This is my master grocery list – all of the things that I buy. Some of them regularly and others just as needed but it helps when making a list to look at what I tend to keep on hand and compare to what’s in the house. Especially when you’re trying to meal plan.


That’s in here too, by the way. I can move the post its around as needed to create a menu and then a shopping list. I need to modify this in my next journal to make the meal planning part work better but this works for now. And the fact that I an change things as I need to is also great! It allows for time to see how it works and then make changes once I see what is working well and what might not be.

At this point, you’re probably thinking that you can do all of this in a regular planner. You’d be right. A lot of this is hard but not impossible in a regular planner. But I also have this in my journal:


This is my personalized travel map of the US, the states that I have at least partially visited at this point. And yes, I need to work on this – another thing in my journal is my bucket list and travel plans – but this is something that can’t be done in a regular planner. I’ll always have this and I can update it as I go to new states. I drew it by hand but you can buy stickers of these types of things on Etsy, so if you don’t think you can draw, that’s ok.

That’s something else that’s awesome about a bullet journal. I get to practice my handwriting and my art. Anywhere I want. My pens fit in a small pencil pouch and they travel with the journal. It’s very portable. My journal is an A5 size (8×6, roughly) so it fits in all my bags easily. So there it is. My undying love for my bullet journal. If you want to see more (or just be wowed at some art skills) check out BohoBerry. She has a whole site that features her BuJo regularly. There is tons of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest as well. Come, join us! You know you want too!


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