Healthy Eating

Eating well

I am in a weird place with food. One of my goals is to reduce my carbon footprint. Currently, according to the best estimates I can make, my footprint is below the US average but still well over the world average. In fact, compared to my state, I’m well below average (at 5465 per year compared to the state average of 15,918). If I had access to public transit that number could be lower. In actuality, my number is likely higher than what it calculated because I don’t know all of the mileage that I travel every week (I’ve never tracked it to find out). Even if I was double what I calculated, I am still significantly below average which is good. A large part of that is food. Eating less meat reduces your carbon footprint because vegetables don’t use up as much carbon to produce and market. Eating locally whenever possible also helps this because there’s less transport. This would be easier if I had access to a farmer’s market. Most of the ones here are on weekends, when I work.

I am hoping to be able to work on this and eat even more locally and more vegetarian. There are farmer’s markets open during the week further away and there is also a farm nearby that sells produce seasonally. I may try to shop there more. It pushes up the emission from the car but may be worth it to eat more locally. I’ll have to see though.

Currently, I am meal planning in my journal. I also have lots of ideas written down with various recipes to try. Often my recipes are general ideas of what was in something and I’ll go from there. I modify recipes a lot because many of them include bell peppers and I can’t stand those. In fact, they are the only vegetable that I won’t eat. Unfortunately for me, they show up in almost everything so I spend a lot of time modifying recipes to exclude them. You would think this would be a quick fix but sometimes a recipe isn’t workable without the peppers in it like when the peppers are central to the dish. I avoid those.

My goal this week is to not buy lunch at work. I made myself lunch for tomorrow already which is good. Tomorrow will be the real challenge because when I get home from work after a 12 hour shift I rarely want to make a lunch. I am thinking about options though. I have a vegetarian chicken patty that I could make real quick and pack a sandwich. That might work well. I’ll try and update on Monday (which means I’ll try to remember to update about it…). For now, I’m going to go chill out and watch some YouTube videos. Until the next time, lovely people!


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