Bullet Journal

Plan with me

My bullet journal is a place for me to think through things and organize my life. I’ve mentioned my planner before and the fact that it contains pretty much my whole life. The only thing that might be worse to lose would be my phone. I’ve made some modifications to the system. Typically, you would have a monthly, weekly and daily spread set up. I had discovered that daily spreads aren’t working for me. There never seems to be enough items to fill up the space or I forget about a day. While forgetting to fill out a daily doesn’t upset me, it does make me think about whether I need to use the space for one. My conclusion is that I don’t. The idea of a bullet journal is that it adapts to what you need from it. I don’t think I need daily spreads. So I’m going to show you my current monthly and weekly spreads so you can see how I use it.fullsizeoutput_244

So, this is April. I showed this page in a previous post, so it may look familiar to you. You will notice some changes to the monthly calendar though. That’s how my life goes. One second everything is planned, the next it’s all changing. I also didn’t fill in where I’m working or in class because I only use this monthly spread for things that don’t happen all the time. I work every weekend and I go to class every week, so I’m not going to forget to schedule those things. I do know some people do put those things in their monthly, so it’s up to you, should you ever try this.


My habit tracker is a useful tool but I also made some modifications here. The black outlines are days where I plan specific things. So for example, you can see that I do a weekly weigh in to track my weight. I also blocked out those days so that it’s more obvious where those marks should be since they aren’t daily. So you can see, with blogging that I missed some days. I’m making up a little bit now because I got some free time. I try to stick to the habit tracker but also remember that life happens. If you’re curious, RYH is Rock Your Handwriting. IMG_2467

This spread is a way to work on my handwriting. It gives you specific daily handwriting tasks. I try to do every day and they’re scattered throughout my journal. Sometimes, they’re short and other days they take up a whole page. It depends on how much time I have. I’m also a beta tester for Boho Berry’s handwriting course, so I am looking forward to seeing how that goes. I started in on the videos yesterday and have to look to see what is next on the list there. IMG_2466

This is my gratitude and creativity page. I do one thing each day and I write or draw, whatever I feel like that day. It’s a good system and I like it better than the line a day I did in March. And finally, I give you next week: fullsizeoutput_243

You will notice the blank box on the left. That’s my daily weather tracker. I fill it in each night for the next day. I put the high, low and a picture of the weather. I found a tracker that I like better for next month, so there will be changes to this spread in May. I also have a meal planning box. It’s not very specific but tells me a general idea of what to make and what I need to buy. You’ll notice the blank spaces. That’s because I’m not home for dinner on those days so I just make sure there’s food for everyone else and don’t worry about what they eat.

I also have a water and sleep tracker. Again, these are useful but the water is less so because I have that in my habit tracker too. I’m going to change that up next month but I’m not sure how yet. Each day has plenty of room for all my tasks and I check them off as I complete them. Things that require I be there at a certain time are marked with the time. Other tasks are on the list and will get done when I have time. Some things, like picking up the kids aren’t actually written in because I do those at generally the same time each day and don’t forget (it’s very quiet when my kids aren’t around, so it’s not hard to remember I need to get them). There’s no studying written in yet because I don’t know what this next unit looks like yet. Once I know that (after class Monday) I’ll add it in.

So that’s where I am right now. I’ll update my changes when I get May put together (at the end of this month). For now, I’ll sign off and I hope that everyone has a great rest of the weekend!


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