Bucket List, Bullet Journal

That Bucket List again…

I made a reference to my bucket list previously. If you recall, it involved writing, which I have started working on but I don’t have enough finished yet to post anything. I’m still in a planning stage but I am working on it. Today reminded me of my bucket list again.

Why? Simple. Today is Patriot’s Day where I grew up and lived for a good part of my life. Massachusetts is the only state that still celebrates Patriot’s Day, as far as I know. Patriot’s Day is also the day, every year, when the Boston Marathon is run.

Having grown up hearing about that marathon makes it somewhat mythical in my mind. It’s one of the marathons that everybody knows. It is a very competitive race with thousands of applicants each year. I would love to be able to run it. It is very unlikely that I will ever be fast enough to do so. There are other ways to be able to participate but I don’t see any of those ever happening. I won’t rule it out as impossible but it’s not likely. That’s why my bucket list simply says: Run a marathon. A few years back I ran a half marathon. It was difficult and involved a lot of training and honestly, I did not prepare for that race as well as I should have. I persevered and finished the race but it was rough. I have not done any real distance since then.

Today, I ran 2.62 miles, a nod to Boston in my own way (as opposed to the 26.2 miles that so many ran today). I am a long way from the place I was when I ran the half and so even further from that goal of 26.2 miles. I am working on so many other things right now that I don’t have the time I would need to even consider that kind of training. Plus, I need to be able to move a further distance than I did today and I worked hard today. I also ran at a bad time but that’s another issue. I need to find time to train that’s not the middle of the day.

I guess that’s the thing about a bucket list – some things may not happen. I have 13 things on my list right now and it’s open to change. Honestly, some of the other things on my list are more important to me. For example, I also want to hike at least part of both the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Coast Trail. Not all of them because again, that’s a huge time commitment but I would like to hike at least part of the trail in each state. Or maybe hike each state one by one, which is likely a more reasonable goal.

I also have goals that are more attainable on the list like going to a Star Trek convention at some point. It’s something that I would love to do but have never done and could do easily with some planning. I also want to go on a Bigfoot expedition. If you know of anybody who can help in that regard, please let me know because that would just be awesome. It’s hard to get into that circle. I could certainly go it on my own but it would be more fun with a group.

If you’re young, please start working on your bucket list. These goals would have been more attainable with more time in front of me. I know that I have plenty of time but I also recognize that time moves very quickly. Sometimes much faster than we realize and it very quickly gets passed without us making progress towards our goals and I mean personal as well as career. I have a lot of goals that I want to reach and some days I feel like I don’t have enough time.

In the meantime, I’ll keep working on the bucket list. Every time I reach a new goal I get closer to checking some things off the list. That’s exciting. Make your list. Check things off of it. Grow, travel, adventure, work out, do what you want to in this life. Make it great. Until next time, lovely people, live well!


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