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Another semester finished (an update)

On Tuesday, I take my final for this class. Another class is pretty much done and over and it’ll be on to the next one soon. As a brief wrap up, I finished clinical last week although I still have to do clinical conference. We took our last regular test last Wednesday. That went pretty well. We took our Kaplan assessment on Thursday. I did much better on that than I have on previous ones, possibly because it was what we had just done in class, instead of random med-surg that they pull all kinds of questions that make you wonder if you have the right test. We went to the zoo today. It was a good day. Monday is a study day for us and then Tuesday.

After that, I’ll be helping at the senior’s graduation as a marshal, so Wednesday afternoon, I will get to watch the seniors in front of me graduate and become a senior myself (woohoo!). Then we get two weeks off before summer semester begins (otherwise known as eight weeks of hell).

Those two weeks I’m going to make an effort to do several things, the first being meal prepping. I want to get a stash of food in the freezer so that I don’t have to worry about getting food ready when I’m looking at a test every week, plus clinical and paperwork for that. I’ll be sharing what I do for that, as I go, so expect a lot of food blogs in the next couple weeks. I am planning on making spaghetti sauce, some strawberry jam and some salsa. I also need to make a stash of burgers for me (black bean) and everyone else in the family (hamburger) so I need to find a recipe for black bean burgers.

Then I’m also going to work on my fitness habits. I joined a class at my gym that’s focused on helping with healthy habits and fitness routines. I’ve got the food part down so I’m mostly wanting the fitness help. I have a set of exercises for each area now and I can modify them as I need to, so while I may need to change out an exercise here or there if I get bored, I know that I have a basic routine down that I don’t have to think about. I’m also going to focus on yoga. I’m hoping to get to a point where I can do at least four classes a week, where I do some things at home and other things with a class. The yoga has been huge for me controlling my stress and keeping my food in check. Which sounds a little silly but it really has helped with my self control.

I also have little projects, like expanding the herb box I started the other day. Currently, there are four plants but I’d like more, so I’m going to get some seeds if I can’t find seedlings and get those going. I also want to get a box for tomatoes and one for some other plants. I’ll have to look at the plant seedlings that are at my local store and see what looks good. There were a lot when I got the herbs, so hopefully, if I get it done early, I’ll have lots to pick from. I may also get some time to write. We’ll see how that goes though. I haven’t started planning to much yet. I’m hoping to be able to use my bullet journal to good effect though and gets lots of stuff done in the time off that I have. I may do another bullet journal update too as I’m about to start working on my new journal. The one I have is nearly full. I expect to get through May but that’s probably going to be the limit.

As a quick aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent on labor and delivery. It was a good environment (although not the best because of the hospital I was at) and I think that I may consider switching units at some point. I like the unit I work on a LOT and they are great people. I would miss them if I moved to a different unit. However, I might want to. I’m going to see how the shadowing on the pediatric unit goes and make some decisions from there. I may just see about picking up some extra time on a labor and delivery unit when I can.

So that’s it for now. I haven’t been posting as much but it’s because this is crunch time. It’s almost over though and then there will be more time for blogging all the interesting things I do in my time off. Until next time, wish me well for my final and I’ll be back soon.



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