I am normal!

Ha! I read that title and laughed because let’s be honest. I am not normal. I’m a geek and that alone makes me a little weird. The title actually references something else.

You see, this morning I stepped on my scale, as I do about once a week to see how much I weighed. It has this neat feature where it estimates your body fat, bone density, water percentage and BMI.

Let me digress for a moment before I tell you about this morning. Yes, BMI is not a perfect assessment tool. It does not take into account the amount of muscle mass that a person has. It only looks at height and weight. That makes it flawed if you have a lot of muscle. However, let’s be real for a minute. Unless you are a professional body builder or run upwards of fifty or so miles a week, you are probably not carrying enough muscle mass to make a BMI measurement really off. For the average person, it’s a pretty accurate assessment of whether or not you’re overweight. I realize not everyone agrees with me. That’s fine. You take the information and believe what you want about it. Now, back to my story.

The scale cheerfully told me that I now weigh 135.8 pounds and then informed me that my BMI is 24.8. I stopped and stared at the scale for a minute and could not believe what I was seeing. Normal is 18.5-24.9, and there I was at 24.8. It is normal. For the first time in close to 20 years (and let’s be honest, I was not a skinny child), my BMI is within a normal range. I still have plenty of work I want to do. I want to be stronger. I want to run faster. I truly want to lose another ten pounds and be well within my normal range for weight and BMI. But it is normal now.

After going to the gym and making my arms hurt (oh my goodness, that was work!), I decided to see something. You see, a few years back, I bought a two piece bathing suit. This is monumental for me because it is only the second one I have ever owned. The last time I owned one, I was 23 and working as a lifeguard. I was overweight but my body was also more toned and I didn’t care anyway. Usually, I prefer the utility of a one piece anyway. You don’t have to worry about the top falling off. Anyway, when I bought the suit, it didn’t look great. At 160 pounds, my body was just not cute. One piece in the pool, fine. Show off my belly, no way. I put it on this morning and discovered that I no longer have a belly. At least not an appreciable one. I want more definition. Strength and time will bring that but the belly is gone. My belly is almost flat. It looks pretty good.

My journey isn’t over, for certain. Like I said, I want to be stronger. Those weights at the gym are daunting but they are calling my name, almost taunting me. One day, I’m going to pick up something heavy and lift it. Heck, I’d like to be able to do a pull up (I haven’t even tried since I was in high school gym class…). I can do push ups now. Real ones, not the modified ones with your knees on the ground. When we did a chaturanga in yoga, I lowered myself to the ground without dying or collapsing. Progress is happening. and I’m joyful about it. Right now I am reveling in the change to my body though and the fact that I have truly changed my mindset about food and it’s caused results. There are actual changes that have occurred that I can see. I wish I had an old picture to show people for comparison. Honestly, I never would’ve taken a picture for fear it would have gotten out to the internet somehow. You never know. Now, I’m good with that. If people want to call me fat still, hey, that’s their own issue. I am working on perfecting my body to my standard. It’s a good thing. Here’s a picture. More tomorrow. Keep working on it. Make yourself the best you that you can.


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