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Where vacation begins

I guess if you can call a week and a half off from school a vacation, that’s where I am right now. I took my final exam for this class on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, I watched the seniors get pinned. It was quite a moment. Mostly because in 12 months, that will be me. Assuming I make it through the next eight weeks of summer and then the sixteen weeks of fall and then another 16 weeks of spring. Although, written like that it doesn’t sound like as much as it feels like.

So today, I spent the day working out. Or at least the morning. I did a leg workout and then went to a vinyasa class and by the time I was home it was 11:00. So I washed the morning dishes, took the clothes in from the clothesline and then hopped in the shower. Then I went grocery shopping. I bought way to much food, I think but I’m hoping that it will last through the weekend. My kids can eat an entire grocery trip in two days – but only the junk and then they complain there’s nothing to eat. Apparently fruit is not an acceptable alternative. Currently, the dinner dishes are sitting in the sink but I needed to take a moment. I also am almost finished with scholarship applications for the next school year. Hopefully, I’ll get a good chunk paid for. I applied for a forgivable loan option but have heard nothing from that and there’s no timeline for how long that will take. I’m good with either option. Summer will be paid for by work, which means I’ll get the $500 I put out a couple weeks ago back after classes end. I checked grades earlier and saw two A’s for this semester and was infinitely thankful. I have six classes left.

Tomorrow is a day for food prep. I’m hoping to be able to make sure everything I need for meals for the next few weeks will be ready to go, or at least make my life as easy as possible. I have prep work to do and I’m planning on making some spaghetti sauce from scratch. I’m slowly working on improving my food sources. As I do that, the amount of money I spend on food will hopefully go down. I mean, making sauce from scratch will yield a couple of jars worth at least (we’ll find out exactly how much tomorrow) and then I won’t need to buy sauce for awhile. Considering how little crushed tomatoes cost and the fact that I have most of the other ingredients (like garlic and onion) already on hand, I’m excited to see how much this ends up costing.

I watched the season finale of Criminal Minds this afternoon as I was working on my planner and I was shocked with how that ended. I know they’re already renewed for next season but that was a heck of a cliffhanger. Excellent writing, IMO. But I won’t spoil anything, just in case.

Monday is going to be a day to shadow in the pediatric unit at my hospital, which I hope will be a great experience. It will at least give me some insight into the unit and whether I want to keep pursuing this path or if I want to make a small turn. The rest of next week is going to be devoted to fitness. I mean, I can’t really work ahead with fitness. You just have to deal with it as it comes and find time each week to get stuff done but I can devote time when I have it and that’s what I plan to do. I’m hoping to get another couple of pounds off in the next week or two. These last ten pounds or so are going to be a beast to get off, I’m sure but I’m working on it and hopefully as I build muscle, it will get easier to get the pounds to come off.

I also have to start looking at when I’m moving into my new bullet journal. I have the new one, although I haven’t opened it yet. I think I can get through June in the one I have which would mean the new one would start in July. That means I need to start looking at what spreads are moving to the new journal and what is being abandoned. I think I like the weeklies the way I’ve been doing them and the monthly is ok. I don’t know if I want to keep it the way it is or make some changes though. The pages may need some tweaking. I keep changing what I’m including in the monthly and what goes to the weekly. I’d like to have a definite idea by the time I get to the new journal. I also need to look and see how June ends and July begins so I know whether the end of June will be in the new journal or the old one. There’s no way I can get all of July in the old journal – I’ve only got about 75 pages left and with half of May and all of June that will leave maybe a page or two. We’ll see how that goes though.

I haven’t done any minimalism declutters recently. I’m mostly just monitoring what I have to see if I do actually use it or if it’s time for me to part ways with some things. This part of the process is taking some time though and I know that according to Kondo, all of that is supposed to be done at once but honestly, I never had time to pull an entire category of stuff at once and likely never will. So for now, I’m monitoring and making adjustments. I’ve had to buy a few things and I’ve actually been doing very badly with my no spending pact. I need to work on that again. It seems like the universe plots against me though and I end up having to go to the store even when it’s not a grocery day and then I end up getting a bunch of stuff instead of consolidating everything to shopping on just one day, which is better financially. We also had to put freon in the air conditioner and, of course, it was crazy expensive because when they built our house they did everything as cheap as possible. That means that the air conditioner unit is an older model that was probably on clearance at the time and uses older freon which is, of course, way more expensive. The leak is fixed now and the freon is full so hopefully it stays that way for awhile. I also think the house needs more insulation but I haven’t figured out how to fix that yet.

I’m going to stop here for now because I could probably write all night and there are things that need to get done before bed. So for now, I’ll leave you with a good night and until next time!


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