Bullet Journal

New journal goals

I am nearly three quarters of the way through my very first bullet journal. I looked at how many pages are left and I estimate that I can get to the end of June with the current journal. That means that it’s time to start thinking about moving into a new journal. I have one, in my possession and have started to think about what’s working in the current one and what isn’t. I’ve also started thinking about what spreads need to be transferred over and which ones are going to stay and which ones are going.

The first thing I decided is that my current system of monthlies and weeklies (but no dailies) is good. I may make some basic changes to the layouts but I think that dailies are not something I need right now. I can always incorporate them later if I decide that I need them. I did put my future log at the very front of my new journal and it’s for six months. I know that future logs are usually for a year but I don’t think I need to go out that far. If I run into something that is past those dates, I can always add it in as a note on the future log page somewhere. Hopefully having my future log right at the front will make my life easier. The current journal has my future low 40 pages in because I wasn’t originally using it for daily planning, just collections. But I realized that my EC planner wasn’t working for me and I needed to change so I added a future log where I was. Live and learn, right?

I know that my master grocery list is staying. I mentioned this spread before in this post: For love of my BuJo!. I have since made some modifications to my diet and this list will be changing to reflect that but the list itself is staying. I think I’m going to add a master meal list for meal planning purposes. I’m going to go through all my recipes this week and create a list of meals that I can pull from when menu planning. That way, when I’m pressed for time, I have a quick list to reference and I don’t have to think about what to make.

Also moving is my travel map and wishlist. The map itself I’m going to tear out of the old journal rather than redraw it but the wishlist I’m going to redo and make pretty. That’s also the goal for my wardrobe list and makeup collection list. I haven’t shown those particular spreads before and I’m going to wait until my new journal is up and going before I do. I will probably share both so you can see the side by side.

I will be altering my fitness spreads and incorporating the last of my weight loss into that spread. I’m close to my goal but it may take a little longer than I anticipated to finish. If I get to my goal by the end of June I won’t have to move the weight goals, so that will be one of the last things I move over. I will be moving my 365 challenge page as well but that’s just washi taped onto the page, so should be easy to move over.

I will be reworking my cleaning spread to make it more useable. Again, I haven’t shown that one before because it’s not terribly useful in its current state. Once it’s redone, I will share. My book list will be changing as well.

Things that are not going to move include my level ten life spread which is going to be replaced by a buddhism learning spread and my gardening idea spreads. I have several plants in patio boxes but don’t feel the need to move the spreads. I can always reference them later, if I need to. Obviously, pages with notes will not be moving for the most part since they won’t be relevant. I am also going to look at creating a study spread for the last two semesters of school and will need a job search spread soon, as well as a college search spread for my BSN portion of my RN. None of those has been created yet, so I need to get onto Pinterest and Instagram and see what I can find.

So that’s it. My new journal outline. I am excited to get in and start working on spreads but at the same time anxious. I have to remind my self that perfectionism is not needed in this endeavor!

It’s Tuesday and we have until Friday to get stuff done before going back to class. There’s blogs for every day this week. I’m trying to create a schedule for planning out blogs so that there’s something more frequently. That may still need to be changed if tests interfere, but we’ll see how it goes. Bear with me – I’m hoping to make posts more regular. I just don’t know a schedule yet. Until tomorrow!


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