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Meal Plan (or even the best plans go awry)

So, I planned out my meals for the week, like I do every week. This system normally serves me very well. Except today, not so much. What went wrong? Well, honestly, I need to plan better. My class schedule caused a change in when I get to the gym each day. This by itself is not a problem. I simply go after class instead of before. I don’t mind going after class. However, the past two days have shown me that if I am going to continue to do that (and I will for the next few weeks) I need to plan for that.

My mornings look something like this:

5:45 am: get up, wash face, meds, get dressed (yes, this is done in 15 minutes)

6:00 am: make breakfast (usually oatmeal or eggs of some kind)

6:20 am: get kids up, fed, dressed, ready for school

7:00 am: go to bus stop

7:30 am: head to school

8:30 am: class starts

12:00 pm: class ends, then gym

You will notice something about this scenario that is a problem. I eat at 6am and I don’t eat again after that. I drink water. Generally, I don’t feel hungry by the time class ends. I have enough energy to sustain going to the gym but I don’t think it’s a good situation to not eat until after I leave the gym, which is usually close to 2. That’s what happened today. I left and I was starving. I ended up going to Moe’s, which was not the best option but was on my way to pick up the kids and was a better option than McDonalds. Also, I had planned to make tacos for dinner tonight. Oops.

I modified dinner and still fed everyone (I ate carrots because I wasn’t really hungry but felt I should eat something because I still have 200 calories to eat (well, 150 after the carrots). And after talking to the nutritionist at the gym, I should probably be eating a bit more than what I am.

So the end result is I need to make sure that I bring food to eat during class so that I have enough energy to lift, run and not feel like dying later in the day. Meal planning is great but it’s becoming apparent to me that I need to plan more of my meals or at least give significant thought to what my day looks like so I have access to enough healthy food. This is a new challenge for me. Before I started this, I would have simply grabbed something to eat at a fast food place and not worried about anything. I also probably wouldn’t have gone to the gym after class but I digress. I need to keep in mind that I need healthy food access with me when my day is a little crunched.

As an aside, I am going to be participating in a virtual half marathon (though, I won’t be doing all 13.1 miles at once) and I am considering doing a 5K that’s coming up next town over. The 5K I’ve done before and it’s pretty flat which is nice but I haven’t run a 5K in years at this point. I did run a 5K distance today because I wanted to be sure that I could (I can) and that had lifted my spirits that I can do it again. Also, since it’s not on a weekend (it’s a Friday night) I can do it without worrying about work schedules. This is always a good thing. I still haven’t decided yet but I will let you all know if I decide to give it a go and see what an official time would be for a 5K now (it was close to 30 minutes before I stopped running and I don’t expect it to be that good).

So that’s my advice for you all today. Think about your eating schedule each day. When do you need to eat? How much? Will you be able to have access to healthy food out and about? What can you do to fix that problem? Sometimes we need to think ahead. I certainly do! Until next time, keep at it!



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