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Maintaining minimalism

That title is a mouthful, for sure. It is nearly June and therefore, almost six months since I began this journey of decluttering in earnest. In that time, I have gotten rid of a LOT of stuff. I’ve made numerous trips to various donation places and thrown away all kinds of garbage. I’ve eliminated dozens of storage boxes and found room in my house that I didn’t know was there. There are still places to work on but now I’m working in small pieces instead of huge chunks. The things I get rid of are things that are simply not getting used like I thought they were. I am better able to see that now that there is space and I can see all of my things. There are projects that I want to undertake in my house to make storage spaces that fit my things without it turning into places to accumulate things. It is a process and I keep working at it everyday.

Now, however, the bigger task is maintaining the minimalism. Keeping the clutter from reacquiring. That task is more daunting than you would think, somehow. I have set the goal of not spending every week for a month. I keep failing at making it through a whole week. It may be that I need to redefine how I am categorizing things but I don’t want to make excuses for purchases that I make. So I am trying to figure out what’s going on here. I don’t need more things. I feel like I’ve done a good job not getting things for me (although, I will admit to buying a t-shirt today that I adore and can’t wait until I get it in my possession). This is not to say I haven’t bought anything for me – I have bought journaling supplies. A greatly reduced number for sure though.

So my victories: I haven’t bought any new makeup. I bought a blush and a mascara to replace ones that I used up which was fair. I haven’t bought any more art supplies (I am separating this from journal supplies because I mean my actual art supplies – paint and colored pencils, etc). I haven’t bought any physical movies (although, I have bought several episodes of CHiPs on Amazon as I finish episodes). I also haven’t bought any more books although I’ve seen several that I want to read. Those were my main source of spending before, so I am proud of what I have managed to do there.

My failures: Journal supplies. I bought some stickers. I don’t need more stickers. I bought some anyway. I also bought some washi tape, which I also didn’t need. I tend to buy my kids stuff a lot. This is partially because they ask for stuff constantly but I don’t need to give in as often as I do. I am working on this. In a semi-failure vein, I have bought some nicer things to replace older things. This would include a couple of bras, some pants (also because I lost so much weight the ones I had didn’t fit anymore) and a pair of sneakers. These are things that I didn’t necessarily need to have right now but did need to be replaced because they were really old. My sneakers are especially important because I run and it’s harder on your body to run in old shoes. I did buy the new ones on clearance (I almost always do though) so it wasn’t an incredibly pricey purchase.

I know it’s progress. Before I would have been stuffing things into boxes and then getting more boxes to make everything fit. Now, I’m working with the space I have. I am not getting any more boxes because I don’t need more. I need less things. This is an important distinction. I am also trying to work on food. I keep ending up with to much stuff in the pantry. I’m trying to find the line between enough and to much. This is a trickier balance than I anticipated and I’m working on it. Every week I get a little better at it. I’m also better with it when I a) menu plan (even when my planning sometimes fails) and b) sticking to my list. I’ve gotten a little lax about the list lately. I am going to rededicate myself to it.

And now, I am going to study a little more. I have my first test tomorrow. I am doing well with this material (I think) but I also have my daughter’s Girl Scout bridging tonight, so I have less time to study. Until tomorrow, party on! 😉


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