Keeping up with the gym

Today was one of the days where it would have been really easy for me to not go to the gym. I have a test tomorrow, I was hungry (although I had a snack with me so that helped), I was tired and felt stressed out. It would have been so easy to say never mind and just go home instead of hauling my butt to the gym. Then I forgot my paper with my list of arm exercises and current weights. I went anyway, made some stuff up and adjusted as I went. I am thankful that I went.

There’s almost always an excuse, some reason why I could skip going today. I can always go tomorrow. How many times have you said that to yourself? I said that about running for a long time. Except tomorrow turned into next week. And that became next month and before I knew it, more than a year had gone by. Would running have been helpful during that time? Yes, especially since running gives me a chance to get out frustration and stress. I still skipped the time, justifying the reasons why it would be ok.

So today, I am working on reaffirming the fact that, yes, I need to go. Even when I feel tired or stressed. Maybe especially because I feel stressed. No, that run is not just as good tomorrow. I am committing myself to the fact that I want and need to do this for myself. I am better when I do it. It’s been awhile since I did yoga and I have been using the same excuses. Which is crazy because I have a yoga mat and know enough poses that I can do yoga on my own. Also, I have YouTube and let’s be honest. There are a million places with yoga workouts there. I need to do it.

People around me do the same things, every day. You’ve probably done it once or twice or a few dozen times in the past. We all do it. But we need to remember that the benefits of going and getting it done are well worth the hour we may spend at the gym. The benefits last much longer than that hour and may be responsible for helping us live longer, healthier lives. Persistence will pay off in the end. More importantly, if you have been making excuses, admit it and move on. Go back today and promise to start fresh. Yesterday is the past but we don’t live there. We live in the present and we need to do everything we can in the present moment to make our lives the best they can be. Forgive the mistakes you made and move on. The future is waiting and don’t you want to be the best version of you that you can be when you get there?


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