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Minimalism/declutter update

It’s been awhile since I updated about the declutter effort in my house. This is in large part because there isn’t as much stuff and therefore there is less to declutter. I am still working on the process though and trying to refine it. As I move into my new bullet journal, I have to redo some spreads. One of those spreads is my wardrobe spread. So I created two lists on the new page: a warm capsule and a cool capsule. There aren’t really four seasons here, so it seemed easier this way. I found some issues as I was working on that and it tells me that I still have some things to work on.

For example, I own five white tank tops. They all look a little different but honestly, I don’t need five white tank tops. I don’t even like the white that much. So, I can get rid of at least three, probably four. I also realized that I have some t-shirts that I kept but I really don’t like them because I don’t wear them. So a few more t-shirts are going as well. I have four pairs of shorts and that seems good to me. Once I get rid of some of the shirts, I will have six tanks and five t-shirts. Again, this seems good to me.

I also realized that I only own one long sleeved shirt. I love it but I need more than that. So once cool weather clothes are out again, I will have to acquire probably 2 long sleeve shirts. I have three sweaters and a cardigan. I’m separating that because the cardigan isn’t a sweater I would wear alone, obviously. I own two pairs of jeans but the size eight may be to big come cooler weather, so I may need to replace the eight with another six or possibly a four, depending. I have a couple of pairs of dress pants and two pairs of leggings. I have nothing to wear with the leggings though, so that’s problematic.

I may also get rid of some shoes. I have a pair of Sperry’s that I almost never wear. I’m going to wait and see what happens come fall though before I decide. Mostly, the shoe situation is good.

I have a bookcase that is empty sitting in my dining room. I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t want to get rid of it yet because I feel like it could be used someplace but I don’t know where right now. I had the large cabinet in my dining room that I turned into storage in my daughter’s room. I consolidated all of her stuff into that closet, which is great and also put chalkboard paint on the doors, so it serves two purposes. It also allowed us to rearrange her room, which is a bonus.

I can always go through my books again but I don’t have many left and several are books that I still want to read because I haven’t yet. Of course, nursing school means that I have almost no time for reading, so it may be awhile before I get to them. I need to create a list in my bullet journal so that I can keep a running list of what I still want to read but don’t own. I have decided to not buy anymore books until I read what I have. I’ve started utilizing the library more too, which is better for my wallet.

As a side note, I have started a Day Zero Project account and I will talk about that soon. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll explain it all in another post. I also need to talk about my running journey soon, so keep an eye out for that. I’m back at it and trying to stick with it. I still have a marathon on my bucket list and I feel like it’s attainable if I stay on track. So that’s it for now lovely people. I’ll be back tomorrow with more good stuff (like vacations!). Until then, love to you all!


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