Travel Tag

This is a quick little hello with a tag from BeaFree that talks about one of my favorite topics. So you all get an extra post this week. Show her some love and go check out her blog! Now on to the questions. 🙂

What is your favorite place that you have visited?

Well, I haven’t gone to a whole lot of places, to be honest. However, England has been my favorite to date. I got to see London, Stonehenge, and Bath and the experience was amazing. I have a lot of places that I still want to see though, so some other place may replace this some day. We’ll just have to see.

If you could visit anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Anywhere in the world? Australia. It’s one of my wish list places.

Would you rather go on a city holiday or a beach holiday?

City, for sure. The city is always so much fun to explore. I like the beach but I would rather spend my days wandering a city to see what I can find.

My top three holiday essentials:

  1. Camera   2. Journal   3. A good bag (how else can I carry that stuff?

Are you an over packer or an under packer?

I probably under pack. I try to remember that I’m not usually going somewhere that wouldn’t be able to give me something that I need. This is probably more true since I’ve been working towards minimalism. Less stuff makes travel easier.

What is your favorite thing about going on holidays?

Getting to see somewhere new. That’s what I love about travel. It’s always an adventure. There’s always something new to see or do. New food, new sights. It’s all kinds of interesting and different.

Would you rather go on holiday with family or friends?

I’ve never been on a holiday with friends. I feel like that could be fun if the people you’re traveling with have the same mindset as you.

What is the most adventurous dish you have ever tried from another country?

Well, I’ve only ever been to England as another country, so nothing to crazy. I did get fish and chips but that’s not really adventurous. I don’t have a lot of issues with trying new foods so I’d try almost anything.

Who do you want to do this tag?

Everybody and anybody. If you want to share, please do! I like to hear other people’s thoughts. Just let me know you’re doing it!


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