Today, my lovely blog readers, I am very excited. Tonight, I get to meet one of my heroes. Honestly, how often does this happen, right? Well, four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting two of my heroes (how many do I have, you may ask? A few, I suppose… perhaps people that I greatly admire is a better word? I digress…).


So, yes. Four years ago I met Adam and Jaime of Mythbusters. Well, they were still on the show then but you get my point. I loved getting to meet them and listening to them speak. It was one of those monuments moments where you get to meet someone you never thought you’d meet ever because they are simply so well known that they are inaccessible to most people. Safety is the most important thing here. Plus, schedules are crazy for people as popular as these two.

They are not the point of my post though. I met them. It was amazing.

Tonight, I meet someone else.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

This man amazes me with his ability to take complex topics and break them down in a  way that anyone could understand. He reminds me of Richard Feynman that way. I understand some of his work. My bachelor’s degree is in Chemistry and I studied some Physics. I don’t truly understand it but I can begin to grasp it.

I am beyond excited.

I just ran four miles in an effort to remind myself that the world around me still exists and I haven’t slipped into some alternate universe. I haven’t because those four miles kicked my ass. I will bring you all details later in the week.

Short and sweet, right? I will be back on planet Earth and with you all soon!


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