Tomorrow morning I take the final exam for my current class. Four weeks of crazy has led to this test. Final exam moments always make me a little nervous. You never really know what will happen. I’m as prepared for this as I can be – or I will be by tomorrow because I’m still reviewing notes – but something crazy could always happen. It’s happened before. 

As I go through my notes and look at the little bit of psych material from Wednesday I feel like I remember a lot of this. That’s good. Of course, it’s only been four weeks so even the oldest material is less than a month ago. Yes, really. We started class on May 22 and tomorrow is June 19. Three days shy of exactly a month. We will finish the second class exactly one month from tomorrow on July 19. That sounds crazy. 

Who am I kidding? That is crazy.

Here’s to a good test tomorrow!


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