Nursing School

Nursing school is a marathon

Perhaps the better way to say that is it’s like preparing to run a marathon. I’ll admit that I have not run a marathon yet. I did run a half marathon five years ago and that was rough. However, I’ve been reading about distance running again. After all, my goal of running a marathon is out there and I am going to get through one some day. So here are my thoughts on why nursing school is like prepping to run a marathon.

  1. Run just enough – or rather study just enough. This is crucial to ensure that you continue in the program.
  2. Build your training slowly – build up the amount of time you study over the semester. And the entire program because as you get further in, it only gets tougher.
  3. Recover, recover, recover – you know, sleep for a whole day, read a book that has nothing to do with nursing, eat, drink, be merry.
  4. Do your long runs – there are days and even weeks when you have to buckle down and study hard. For some people that moment comes early in a class and for others it comes later. Everyone has that moment though, when they have to dig into that book and really study hard.
  5. Practice your marathon pace – well, this is more like a way to avoid the previous item. If you go at the material a little every day, the big sessions will be smaller and may not even happen. But if you just try to go by those long runs, the days may seem to be really, really long. Also, don’t miss classes because those days may end up being your nemesis in the end.
  6. Eat your carbs – because how else are you going to get through this????

The second four weeks of summer has officially begun. Hold on tight folks, it might get a little bumpy here. Four weeks left, four weeks left, four weeks left….


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