A Mom type post

Last week, my daughter (not my son) was diagnosed with ADHD. This was not a total surprise to me since there had been some issues at school over the past year. When you start getting phone calls about how your child goes to the bathroom for extended periods of time and wanders around the classroom instead of doing her work, you start to suspect that she may have a problem. After several phone calls, I had a good idea that perhaps we needed to see if there was a medical problem at the root of this.

In retrospect, I can see the behaviors and how she just adjusted by herself. She just finally reached a point where that wasn’t possible. I would work with her behavior too, anticipating certain things and working to prevent them or at least minimize them. Schedules were always big with her. I wasn’t expecting what could happen with a little help though.

The doctor wanted to put her on medication. This wasn’t a surprise to me since there aren’t a lot of other things that doctors can do. The medicine is amazing though. When she takes it, she has a totally different behavior. She can focus on a task for more than five minutes. She actually is really creative but now she can get that out of her head and create something. There are fewer trails of disaster around the house too. She used to look like Pigpen from Charlie Brown, with a little trail of destruction behind her. Not so much anymore.

We’re going to work with a behavioral therapist as well. Hopefully she can work with us on some of the more challenging issues that come up when she gets very frustrated. I’m also hoping that those moments are fewer with the medicine. And then there’s the school aspect. I emailed the school counselor to ask her about setting up some accommodations. I now have a lot of papers to fill out and sign and one for the doctor to fill out. Then once that’s done, we can sit down with the team at the school and create a document for her that will help her.

I’m hoping that all of these things together will make the next school year better. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to see what she can really do academically when she can focus on a task, as opposed to half doing something before wandering off to do something else. Sometimes, you get surprised, even when you aren’t expecting it and sometimes, those surprises are really wonderful things.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I have a test on Monday, first one of the new class. Three weeks of class left… then I get summer!


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