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I am sitting here looking over my notes for my test tomorrow and I quite suddenly came to the realization that I haven’t blogged in a few days. How did that happen? Part of it has surely been switching planners and working through a new way of planning. It may not be as effective as I need it to be but I’m trying to ensure that I incorporate a few things that I have been ignoring. Part of it has likely been that I have been tired. Well, coming off of an adrenaline high might be the better description. I crashed hard. It’s been a crazy week, so I guess I’ll summarize what has happened.

First off, Monday and Tuesday off and I actually took those two days and did… nothing. I studied for a test on Wednesday and that was pretty much it outside of reading, running and generally laying around doing nothing. That threw me off schedule for sure. I cleaned the house on Monday, which hadn’t been done in awhile and I did some decluttering of my wardrobe. Both things were needed.

Wednesday I took a test and had to take my daughter to the behavioral therapist. The test was great. I did really well. My daughter’s appointment just threw me off more and I forgot to blog and since I had clinical the next day I did more nothing that night except read. I really wanted to get through that book (I only just finished it today).

Thursday was clinical day and that’s where things got a little loopy. I spent the day in the emergency department which is one of the places I have been considering working. I honestly expected that the day would be dull. I trained as an EMT a couple of years back and had several days of ambulance rides where nothing happened. Seriously, every paramedic team I rode with commented on how dull the days were by the end of my time there. So I thought, just my luck, the day will be filled with splinters and fevers. Nope.

We had an actual, real trauma come in. I can’t share details but suffice it to day that it was a real trauma with lots of blood and CPR and, in the end, death. And that was all before lunch. The rest of the day kept me busy and I hadn’t even realized the amount of adrenaline that I had in me. Until the next day when I woke up feeling like a truck ran over me. I sent Friday recovering, grocery shopping and working on paperwork for clinical. I have never been in a situation anywhere near that and while I did enjoy it, I now have to contemplate if the overwhelming adrenaline crash is worth it. Or if it will quell with time and I won’t crash so badly. It’s a lot to think about, honestly.

And then the weekend came and I went to work. And I hand’t blogged all week. So I apologize. I meant to blog, thought about it more than once but simply forgot after a couple of days. So now I’m back and will strive to do better.

Coming up, I want to talk about my bullet journal switch. I just started a new one and am trying a new format. It may not be working well but I’m trying to give it time. And think about options for other ways to handle what I need it to. I finished the third book in the series I referenced previously and A Court of Mist and Fury was interesting. Not how I expected the story to go but as there are more books to come and I did enjoy the first three, I will probably give them next one a go. This author also has some other books, so I may consider reading those too. I stopped at the library today and picked up Chris Colfer’s new book, Stranger Than Fan Fiction which looks very good. I have officially begun my Day Zero Project, with the first of July and so far things are not going well. I asked for book recommendations and got almost a handful from one person and one from another person. I need to ask again. Or redefine that goal if nobody has books for me to read (something I find odd given the number of people I know who read). Finally, this summer semester is nearly over with only seven class days left… five if you take out this Thursday and Friday for clinical. And the last three are all test days! We take a test tomorrow and then we have two days of class before all our final testing for the class begins. Then we get a month off, to rest before starting the second to last semester before graduation.

For now, I’ll sign off. I need to read through my notes again and see what’s sticking and what isn’t. I also need to put kids to bed and get some sleep myself. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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