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My Day Zero Project

So, the premise of the day zero project is to complete 101 tasks in 1001 days. These tasks are intended to be things that are challenging or interesting to you. Things you might not otherwise try to do. So, in the vein of accountability, I’m going to list the 52 things that I have on my list currently. I am also open to suggestions, if anyone has a suggestion about things to do that should or could go on my list. My official start date was July 1, 2017. That means I have util February 26, 2020 to finish everything. I still need 49 things. It’s a bit varied and there is some overlap… and some places where I’m not overlapping. It’s my project that will hopefully get me adventuring again. I will update when I make some progress (I have started on a couple of things). Wish me luck!

My list is

1. Go on a road trip
2. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
3. Do some volunteer work
4. No fast food for a month
5. Write a book
6. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen
7. Complete a coloring book
8. Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over
9. Learn a poem by heart
10. Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, and read them all
11. Get a facial
12. Go rockclimbing
13. Attend the New Orleans Jazz Festival
14. See the Northern Lights
15. Make a Christmas song playlist
16. Mail a letter to Santa
17. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life
18. See the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree
19. Host a cookie-baking party
20. Deliver homemade holiday treats to someone unexpected
21. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger
22. Have a Christmas cookie swap
23. Learn meditation
24. Learn to make cheese
25. Learn to longboard
26. Write one page of my novel every day for a year
27. Learn how to paint with oils
28. Blog at least once a week for a year
29. Take a photo of the same place every month for a year
30. Run a 5K every month for a year
31. Send one handwritten letter per month for a year
32. Bake something new every month for a year
33. Spend an afternoon taking photos once a month for a year
34. Complete the 52 week money challenge
35. Keep a blog for a year
36. Drink from a coconut
37. Swim in every ocean
38. Visit a friend in a different country
39. Attend a TED event
40. Sleep in an overnight train
41. Save $500 in an emergency fund
42. Perform 5 random acts of kindness
43. Complete a 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge
44. Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge
45. Climb an indoor rock wall
46. Go to Disneyland from opening to closing
47. Make a pie on Pi day
48. Eat lobster in Maine
49. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
50. Make a list of the top 5 people who have positively influenced me and write them letters
51. Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for 6 months
52. Read 50 books
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Day Zero Project

So, I am an adventurer of sorts. When I graduated from college I decided that I needed a fresh start. I moved from Rhode Island to Boston. Granted, this isn’t a huge move but I was going from a place where I knew a lot of people and the area to a place where I really didn’t know anybody. Just because. When I picked a college, I deliberately picked a school where I would know nobody. Just because. I have a desire to go to places that I don’t know and where I don’t know anybody. I feel a need to find new places and explore new things. And in the past several years I haven’t been able to do those things. Or at least, that’s how I’ve felt. But I had no idea how to get out of that rut. Until I found this.

The Day Zero Project, as I’m working on it is to do 101 thing in 1001 days (or just under three years). I have started working on a list of things that I want to do. These are not all things that involve travel but they are things that are pushing me to do things that I never would have done otherwise. So, as of July 1st, I am officially on the path to completing 101 tasks by February 26, 2020.

Now, honestly, I don’t have 101 things on my list yet. I actually only have 51 things. So I need to add 50 things still. But some of my tasks are not exactly earth shaking. However, I tried to pick things that would push me to do things that are different. For example, one of my tasks is to ask 20 friends to choose a book for me to read. That’s 20 books that other people think I should read. Some of them may be books I don’t like, but I think it’s important to see other people’s ideas. Hence, the task. Other goals are ore challenging and will require me to get creative. For example, run a 5K a month for a year. I don’t think I can do that while I’m in nursing school, so it needs to wait until I finish (which granted isn’t to much longer, but still). Some things are travel related, like sleeping in a travel train and eating a lobster in Maine. But others are simple like perform five random acts of kindness for strangers.

If you are interested in the project, you can visit the site for ideas at Day Zero Project. I am hoping that this will get me jump started on my bucket list as well. My bucket list is a source of consternation for me because I have done almost nothing on it and I’ve had it for quite awhile now. I keep using nursing school as an excuse but it honestly does eat a huge amount of time since I have to work on the weekends and have school five days a week. This will get less difficult once I finish this first part but that’s still eleven months away.

As an aside, I have almost finished week three of eight. There is very little of this first class left – just next week, really and then it’s on to a second class in another four weeks. This is a hard road since it’s almost no time to think about what we’re learning and that frustrates me but I keep reminding myself that I just need to get through this. The fall will be better, with less stress, even though the work load may be heavier. More time always means a little less stress.

So that’s it, my lovely readers. Take a gander at day zero, if you’d like and see what kinds of adventures you can embark upon. Find yourself and be that. Until tomorrow!

Bullet Journal

New journal goals

I am nearly three quarters of the way through my very first bullet journal. I looked at how many pages are left and I estimate that I can get to the end of June with the current journal. That means that it’s time to start thinking about moving into a new journal. I have one, in my possession and have started to think about what’s working in the current one and what isn’t. I’ve also started thinking about what spreads need to be transferred over and which ones are going to stay and which ones are going.

The first thing I decided is that my current system of monthlies and weeklies (but no dailies) is good. I may make some basic changes to the layouts but I think that dailies are not something I need right now. I can always incorporate them later if I decide that I need them. I did put my future log at the very front of my new journal and it’s for six months. I know that future logs are usually for a year but I don’t think I need to go out that far. If I run into something that is past those dates, I can always add it in as a note on the future log page somewhere. Hopefully having my future log right at the front will make my life easier. The current journal has my future low 40 pages in because I wasn’t originally using it for daily planning, just collections. But I realized that my EC planner wasn’t working for me and I needed to change so I added a future log where I was. Live and learn, right?

I know that my master grocery list is staying. I mentioned this spread before in this post: For love of my BuJo!. I have since made some modifications to my diet and this list will be changing to reflect that but the list itself is staying. I think I’m going to add a master meal list for meal planning purposes. I’m going to go through all my recipes this week and create a list of meals that I can pull from when menu planning. That way, when I’m pressed for time, I have a quick list to reference and I don’t have to think about what to make.

Also moving is my travel map and wishlist. The map itself I’m going to tear out of the old journal rather than redraw it but the wishlist I’m going to redo and make pretty. That’s also the goal for my wardrobe list and makeup collection list. I haven’t shown those particular spreads before and I’m going to wait until my new journal is up and going before I do. I will probably share both so you can see the side by side.

I will be altering my fitness spreads and incorporating the last of my weight loss into that spread. I’m close to my goal but it may take a little longer than I anticipated to finish. If I get to my goal by the end of June I won’t have to move the weight goals, so that will be one of the last things I move over. I will be moving my 365 challenge page as well but that’s just washi taped onto the page, so should be easy to move over.

I will be reworking my cleaning spread to make it more useable. Again, I haven’t shown that one before because it’s not terribly useful in its current state. Once it’s redone, I will share. My book list will be changing as well.

Things that are not going to move include my level ten life spread which is going to be replaced by a buddhism learning spread and my gardening idea spreads. I have several plants in patio boxes but don’t feel the need to move the spreads. I can always reference them later, if I need to. Obviously, pages with notes will not be moving for the most part since they won’t be relevant. I am also going to look at creating a study spread for the last two semesters of school and will need a job search spread soon, as well as a college search spread for my BSN portion of my RN. None of those has been created yet, so I need to get onto Pinterest and Instagram and see what I can find.

So that’s it. My new journal outline. I am excited to get in and start working on spreads but at the same time anxious. I have to remind my self that perfectionism is not needed in this endeavor!

It’s Tuesday and we have until Friday to get stuff done before going back to class. There’s blogs for every day this week. I’m trying to create a schedule for planning out blogs so that there’s something more frequently. That may still need to be changed if tests interfere, but we’ll see how it goes. Bear with me – I’m hoping to make posts more regular. I just don’t know a schedule yet. Until tomorrow!

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Where am I going?

As this semester comes to an end, I’m starting to realize that I am almost halfway through this journey. While it seems impossible to be looking at the light at the end of the tunnel, it is getting closer. As it does, I now have the task of figuring out where to go from here. I mean, nursing is a big field with lots of options within it and every pathway has a slightly different set of requirements. You have to be a nurse of course but then beyond that there are special things you need to learn for each area of nursing. For example, an ICU nurse needs a slightly different skill set than an OR nurse and they both have a very different skill set from an ED nurse. So where am I going?

That’s a good question and one that I am only just starting to figure out. Some of my classmates already have very set ideas about where they want to be and what they want to do after this. There are a lot of OR people. I enjoyed OR but I didn’t find it so exciting that I’d want to spend every day there. I have started to figure out what I don’t really want to do. For example, I don’t really want to be on a regular Med-Surg floor. I also don’t think I want to work in an ICU. So what’s left, you might ask? Well, honestly lots of things but I think I want to work in Pediatrics.

Most of my classmates give me this look of utter confusion when I say this. This is often followed by “I don’t like kids” or “Ugh, no way.” But when I think of Peds, I feel almost a purpose. Kids get just as sick as adults and sometimes much sicker. And yes, there are moments that are sure to be sad. There are moments anywhere in nursing where you’re going to be sad about the outcome. I don’t see pediatrics as being that different from any other area except for two things: 1) your patients are going to be smaller and 2) the joy is much greater.

Ok, that first thing is not completely true. Adolescents are often bigger than me since I’m small but I think the second thing is almost universal. The joy of helping a child get better is paralleled by nothing else. Helping a child with different needs live the very best life that they can must be pretty great too. Anyway, it’s already obvious that I like kids since I spent the first… how ever many years working with them. To this end, I’ve asked to spend a day shadowing a nurse in our pediatric department and I’m going to look into volunteering with the Child Life staff at our hospital to get some more time on the floor. There don’t seem to be a lot of master’s level programs around here geared toward pediatrics but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there, as the saying goes.

I am still open to the idea of another area. For example, the ED may be a good place to be. I would be open to a labor and delivery floor as well. Like I said, there are a lot of possibilities and I won’t say with certainty that there is no where else for me. I may be wrong, which is why I’m trying to spend some time on the floor now. That way I can get a better idea of whether or not pediatrics is where I want to be. Experience is the best teacher, right?

If you’re looking for your place, keep that in mind. Find places to experience the work environment you’re considering, no matter what field you’re working toward. Until next time, wonderful people, keep working towards your goals.

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That Bucket List again…

I made a reference to my bucket list previously. If you recall, it involved writing, which I have started working on but I don’t have enough finished yet to post anything. I’m still in a planning stage but I am working on it. Today reminded me of my bucket list again.

Why? Simple. Today is Patriot’s Day where I grew up and lived for a good part of my life. Massachusetts is the only state that still celebrates Patriot’s Day, as far as I know. Patriot’s Day is also the day, every year, when the Boston Marathon is run.

Having grown up hearing about that marathon makes it somewhat mythical in my mind. It’s one of the marathons that everybody knows. It is a very competitive race with thousands of applicants each year. I would love to be able to run it. It is very unlikely that I will ever be fast enough to do so. There are other ways to be able to participate but I don’t see any of those ever happening. I won’t rule it out as impossible but it’s not likely. That’s why my bucket list simply says: Run a marathon. A few years back I ran a half marathon. It was difficult and involved a lot of training and honestly, I did not prepare for that race as well as I should have. I persevered and finished the race but it was rough. I have not done any real distance since then.

Today, I ran 2.62 miles, a nod to Boston in my own way (as opposed to the 26.2 miles that so many ran today). I am a long way from the place I was when I ran the half and so even further from that goal of 26.2 miles. I am working on so many other things right now that I don’t have the time I would need to even consider that kind of training. Plus, I need to be able to move a further distance than I did today and I worked hard today. I also ran at a bad time but that’s another issue. I need to find time to train that’s not the middle of the day.

I guess that’s the thing about a bucket list – some things may not happen. I have 13 things on my list right now and it’s open to change. Honestly, some of the other things on my list are more important to me. For example, I also want to hike at least part of both the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Coast Trail. Not all of them because again, that’s a huge time commitment but I would like to hike at least part of the trail in each state. Or maybe hike each state one by one, which is likely a more reasonable goal.

I also have goals that are more attainable on the list like going to a Star Trek convention at some point. It’s something that I would love to do but have never done and could do easily with some planning. I also want to go on a Bigfoot expedition. If you know of anybody who can help in that regard, please let me know because that would just be awesome. It’s hard to get into that circle. I could certainly go it on my own but it would be more fun with a group.

If you’re young, please start working on your bucket list. These goals would have been more attainable with more time in front of me. I know that I have plenty of time but I also recognize that time moves very quickly. Sometimes much faster than we realize and it very quickly gets passed without us making progress towards our goals and I mean personal as well as career. I have a lot of goals that I want to reach and some days I feel like I don’t have enough time.

In the meantime, I’ll keep working on the bucket list. Every time I reach a new goal I get closer to checking some things off the list. That’s exciting. Make your list. Check things off of it. Grow, travel, adventure, work out, do what you want to in this life. Make it great. Until next time, lovely people, live well!

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Plan for success, right?

It’s in my nature to plan. Heaven knows that if you’ve known me for any amount of time you know that about me. Planning makes me feel like I have some control over my life even when I feel very out of control. Or very stressed because my brain can’t handle all the tasks that I have to do. Or when I just can’t remember everything because some weeks are just that crazy. But I digress. I plan. I present to you my latest planning spread to help me get a handle on food.img_2470.jpg

I sat down and planned out 2 weeks worth of both breakfast and lunch. Why would I do this, you might ask. Well besides the obvious reason of wanting to plan things, I have discovered that I am very bad at eating well for those two meals. Perhaps because I don’t like to think about either one. Breakfast is early and lunch is after class and at both points my brain is at its limit. So I often end up eating things that are less than optimal, even if I am eating things that are much better than what I was eating before. I had ideas that I found and loved but I would often forget about them and then end up eating… well, whatever I could find. Hopefully, this will help. It also should help me increase the amount of vegetables that I eat because I included them in most breakfasts and all the lunches. It also gives me enough options to not get bored. And it serves as a shopping list.

A lot of these recipes are outside of my normal realm of food options. In fact, for most of my life, breakfast has been cereal. I really, really love cereal. I know, it’s processed and full of sugar and not good for you at all. I get that. But I love it anyway. Maybe because it reminds me of being a kid. It’s what I ate pretty much every morning as a child too. It is not good for keeping me full though and I know that. That needs to change. So, I’m working on it. Small steps, right? This is another step to the right path. I’m hoping that once I get more used to this I can switch things up more and won’t need the menu as much. Maybe I always will, who knows. For now though, it’s a tool.

Starting on Monday, I go at this full force. For now, I need to think about breakfast for tomorrow. So until then my lovely people, keep working at what you want to change. It’s possible.

Bullet Journal

Plan with me

My bullet journal is a place for me to think through things and organize my life. I’ve mentioned my planner before and the fact that it contains pretty much my whole life. The only thing that might be worse to lose would be my phone. I’ve made some modifications to the system. Typically, you would have a monthly, weekly and daily spread set up. I had discovered that daily spreads aren’t working for me. There never seems to be enough items to fill up the space or I forget about a day. While forgetting to fill out a daily doesn’t upset me, it does make me think about whether I need to use the space for one. My conclusion is that I don’t. The idea of a bullet journal is that it adapts to what you need from it. I don’t think I need daily spreads. So I’m going to show you my current monthly and weekly spreads so you can see how I use it.fullsizeoutput_244

So, this is April. I showed this page in a previous post, so it may look familiar to you. You will notice some changes to the monthly calendar though. That’s how my life goes. One second everything is planned, the next it’s all changing. I also didn’t fill in where I’m working or in class because I only use this monthly spread for things that don’t happen all the time. I work every weekend and I go to class every week, so I’m not going to forget to schedule those things. I do know some people do put those things in their monthly, so it’s up to you, should you ever try this.


My habit tracker is a useful tool but I also made some modifications here. The black outlines are days where I plan specific things. So for example, you can see that I do a weekly weigh in to track my weight. I also blocked out those days so that it’s more obvious where those marks should be since they aren’t daily. So you can see, with blogging that I missed some days. I’m making up a little bit now because I got some free time. I try to stick to the habit tracker but also remember that life happens. If you’re curious, RYH is Rock Your Handwriting. IMG_2467

This spread is a way to work on my handwriting. It gives you specific daily handwriting tasks. I try to do every day and they’re scattered throughout my journal. Sometimes, they’re short and other days they take up a whole page. It depends on how much time I have. I’m also a beta tester for Boho Berry’s handwriting course, so I am looking forward to seeing how that goes. I started in on the videos yesterday and have to look to see what is next on the list there. IMG_2466

This is my gratitude and creativity page. I do one thing each day and I write or draw, whatever I feel like that day. It’s a good system and I like it better than the line a day I did in March. And finally, I give you next week: fullsizeoutput_243

You will notice the blank box on the left. That’s my daily weather tracker. I fill it in each night for the next day. I put the high, low and a picture of the weather. I found a tracker that I like better for next month, so there will be changes to this spread in May. I also have a meal planning box. It’s not very specific but tells me a general idea of what to make and what I need to buy. You’ll notice the blank spaces. That’s because I’m not home for dinner on those days so I just make sure there’s food for everyone else and don’t worry about what they eat.

I also have a water and sleep tracker. Again, these are useful but the water is less so because I have that in my habit tracker too. I’m going to change that up next month but I’m not sure how yet. Each day has plenty of room for all my tasks and I check them off as I complete them. Things that require I be there at a certain time are marked with the time. Other tasks are on the list and will get done when I have time. Some things, like picking up the kids aren’t actually written in because I do those at generally the same time each day and don’t forget (it’s very quiet when my kids aren’t around, so it’s not hard to remember I need to get them). There’s no studying written in yet because I don’t know what this next unit looks like yet. Once I know that (after class Monday) I’ll add it in.

So that’s where I am right now. I’ll update my changes when I get May put together (at the end of this month). For now, I’ll sign off and I hope that everyone has a great rest of the weekend!