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The Doctor returns…

On Saturday, after a considerable break, Doctor Who returned to BBC America. I finally got to watch the episode yesterday. I will say this now. I am going to talk about this episode. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want details, this will probably have spoilers. And seriously, if you want to watch and haven’t why are you reading this? Go watch it!

I’m warning you, there may be spoilers. Don’t risk it if that bothers you.


If you’re still here, you can’t blame me for any spoilers that you may read.

So, The Pilot was a very interesting episode. For one, we finally got a new companion. I didn’t like Clara. I was beginning to think she was never going to go away. In fact, I have to watch several episodes with Matt Smith still because I simply couldn’t stand Clara. I tolerated her for Peter Capaldi, who is absolutely brilliant as The Doctor. So when Clara was gone, I was ecstatic about the idea of a new companion. Which is Bill. So far, Bill has captivated me. She has a back story and I can’t wait to hear more about it. She is quite obviously very smart and observant. Her noticing The Doctor in the picture was impressive and the fact that she didn’t say anything to him says something about her. In fact, her entire behavior about The Doctor and his TARDIS is less than shocked. She says it’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to her and I don’t doubt her but she also seems to realize that there is more to the universe than most people realize. Bill is going to be interesting to watch develop. That will be even more true since Peter Capaldi has said this will be his last season. Every time we get a new Doctor, we learn a lot about his companions. It will be interesting to see how Bill handles the regeneration.

The episode was also very interesting. It was the type of episode where you didn’t need to know much about the Doctor Who universe in order to follow the story. That tends to be a theme whenever we get a new character – the episode they’re introduced in is often very stand alone with a great story that is a good place for new people to start watching. The monster that appeared was unique and a little scary. I mean, moving like water? That means they can go wherever they want to (except the TARDIS). This particular monster was also interesting because it could move through space and time, much like The Doctor, to go wherever it wanted. There was no escaping it until Bill let her go. I love that scariness.

Now we have the question of what’s next. We know that The Master will return at some point (probably not until later in the season though). I hope that Missy is involved in that somehow because I have enjoyed The Master being played as female. That of course has made people speculate that the new Doctor could be female. That’s always possible. I was also curious as to what was in the vault. That was never addressed and I hope that it comes back ups t some point. Whatever it was, it clearly was important. The trailer at the end of episode one didn’t reveal much either. The emoji robots look interesting and of course, creepy but outside of that, it was difficult to figure out anything major from the trailer.

So those are my thoughts on the new season of Doctor Who. I really adore Doctor Who and although I missed some of Matt Smith’s episodes, I have enjoyed watching the characters grow and develop over the past few years. There are always amazing stories hidden in the story arches for the season and that’s one of the things I love about The Doctor. I’m looking forward to whatever craziness is in store. It is one of only two things that I religiously watch on TV (the other being Criminal Minds). Expect more Doctor Who goodness (but it will always be a few days after the episodes at a minimum because I am always in a time crunch!). Enjoy yourself some Doctor, if you haven’t. This is a great time to see what the craze is all about. Until next time!