Today, my lovely blog readers, I am very excited. Tonight, I get to meet one of my heroes. Honestly, how often does this happen, right? Well, four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting two of my heroes (how many do I have, you may ask? A few, I suppose… perhaps people that I greatly admire is a better word? I digress…).


So, yes. Four years ago I met Adam and Jaime of Mythbusters. Well, they were still on the show then but you get my point. I loved getting to meet them and listening to them speak. It was one of those monuments moments where you get to meet someone you never thought you’d meet ever because they are simply so well known that they are inaccessible to most people. Safety is the most important thing here. Plus, schedules are crazy for people as popular as these two.

They are not the point of my post though. I met them. It was amazing.

Tonight, I meet someone else.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.

This man amazes me with his ability to take complex topics and break them down in a  way that anyone could understand. He reminds me of Richard Feynman that way. I understand some of his work. My bachelor’s degree is in Chemistry and I studied some Physics. I don’t truly understand it but I can begin to grasp it.

I am beyond excited.

I just ran four miles in an effort to remind myself that the world around me still exists and I haven’t slipped into some alternate universe. I haven’t because those four miles kicked my ass. I will bring you all details later in the week.

Short and sweet, right? I will be back on planet Earth and with you all soon!


Travel Tag

This is a quick little hello with a tag from BeaFree that talks about one of my favorite topics. So you all get an extra post this week. Show her some love and go check out her blog! Now on to the questions. 🙂

What is your favorite place that you have visited?

Well, I haven’t gone to a whole lot of places, to be honest. However, England has been my favorite to date. I got to see London, Stonehenge, and Bath and the experience was amazing. I have a lot of places that I still want to see though, so some other place may replace this some day. We’ll just have to see.

If you could visit anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

Anywhere in the world? Australia. It’s one of my wish list places.

Would you rather go on a city holiday or a beach holiday?

City, for sure. The city is always so much fun to explore. I like the beach but I would rather spend my days wandering a city to see what I can find.

My top three holiday essentials:

  1. Camera   2. Journal   3. A good bag (how else can I carry that stuff?

Are you an over packer or an under packer?

I probably under pack. I try to remember that I’m not usually going somewhere that wouldn’t be able to give me something that I need. This is probably more true since I’ve been working towards minimalism. Less stuff makes travel easier.

What is your favorite thing about going on holidays?

Getting to see somewhere new. That’s what I love about travel. It’s always an adventure. There’s always something new to see or do. New food, new sights. It’s all kinds of interesting and different.

Would you rather go on holiday with family or friends?

I’ve never been on a holiday with friends. I feel like that could be fun if the people you’re traveling with have the same mindset as you.

What is the most adventurous dish you have ever tried from another country?

Well, I’ve only ever been to England as another country, so nothing to crazy. I did get fish and chips but that’s not really adventurous. I don’t have a lot of issues with trying new foods so I’d try almost anything.

Who do you want to do this tag?

Everybody and anybody. If you want to share, please do! I like to hear other people’s thoughts. Just let me know you’re doing it!

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Day Zero Project

So, I am an adventurer of sorts. When I graduated from college I decided that I needed a fresh start. I moved from Rhode Island to Boston. Granted, this isn’t a huge move but I was going from a place where I knew a lot of people and the area to a place where I really didn’t know anybody. Just because. When I picked a college, I deliberately picked a school where I would know nobody. Just because. I have a desire to go to places that I don’t know and where I don’t know anybody. I feel a need to find new places and explore new things. And in the past several years I haven’t been able to do those things. Or at least, that’s how I’ve felt. But I had no idea how to get out of that rut. Until I found this.

The Day Zero Project, as I’m working on it is to do 101 thing in 1001 days (or just under three years). I have started working on a list of things that I want to do. These are not all things that involve travel but they are things that are pushing me to do things that I never would have done otherwise. So, as of July 1st, I am officially on the path to completing 101 tasks by February 26, 2020.

Now, honestly, I don’t have 101 things on my list yet. I actually only have 51 things. So I need to add 50 things still. But some of my tasks are not exactly earth shaking. However, I tried to pick things that would push me to do things that are different. For example, one of my tasks is to ask 20 friends to choose a book for me to read. That’s 20 books that other people think I should read. Some of them may be books I don’t like, but I think it’s important to see other people’s ideas. Hence, the task. Other goals are ore challenging and will require me to get creative. For example, run a 5K a month for a year. I don’t think I can do that while I’m in nursing school, so it needs to wait until I finish (which granted isn’t to much longer, but still). Some things are travel related, like sleeping in a travel train and eating a lobster in Maine. But others are simple like perform five random acts of kindness for strangers.

If you are interested in the project, you can visit the site for ideas at Day Zero Project. I am hoping that this will get me jump started on my bucket list as well. My bucket list is a source of consternation for me because I have done almost nothing on it and I’ve had it for quite awhile now. I keep using nursing school as an excuse but it honestly does eat a huge amount of time since I have to work on the weekends and have school five days a week. This will get less difficult once I finish this first part but that’s still eleven months away.

As an aside, I have almost finished week three of eight. There is very little of this first class left – just next week, really and then it’s on to a second class in another four weeks. This is a hard road since it’s almost no time to think about what we’re learning and that frustrates me but I keep reminding myself that I just need to get through this. The fall will be better, with less stress, even though the work load may be heavier. More time always means a little less stress.

So that’s it, my lovely readers. Take a gander at day zero, if you’d like and see what kinds of adventures you can embark upon. Find yourself and be that. Until tomorrow!


Summer Vacation?

So, I have class this summer until the middle of July, so there is a month and a half in front of me still. However, I have already begun to think about what to do with the time from the middle of July until the middle of August when I won’t have school. I know, it’s a novel idea, not having school for about a month. I also took a whole weekend off from work. I had more than enough time saved and so I asked and I got it and I am thrilled. That means I have almost two weeks with no responsibilities except my kids. And hey, camp is paid for the summer so if I really want to, I can have all that time to myself.

Who am I kidding? I won’t send my kids to camp the whole time. Part of it, sure because otherwise, they’ll be bored. So what’s the plan for all this free time that I’ll have? That, my friends, is a fantastic question.

The short answer is I don’t really know.

Y’all probably want the longer answer though, huh? So my thoughts are varied. The kids have asked to go to the beach. I’m not crazy about the cost to go to the beach though. I mean, if we could even find a place. I have entertained the idea of camping at the beach. That may be a more workable idea. I also have thought about going to Carowinds for the day. I have also thought about going to Atlanta for a weekend or a couple of days.

I have also given thought to reading as much as possible. I could try to get through some of the book is have sitting in my to be read list. There aren’t many that I already own that I need to read but there are considerably more that I want to read that I don’t own. How many could I get through? No idea. Probably not all of the ones that I own, so the others are probably less likely. Also I have committed to not buying anymore books until I read the ones I have. I have to get anything I don’t own from the library and right now I don’t know what they have that I want to read. I did get a copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses, which I am interested in but is also a series and this is the only book in the series that I saw in the library. This could be problematic. Again, time will tell.

The pool is also a good option for spending time over the summer. It would be nice to head to the pool with a friend of mine and just chill. So there are my thoughts. I will work on my blog during that time, obviously and I may try some more writing since I’ll have more time. I still have ideas that are not on paper and need to be. This summer class is not the time to devote to writing but I may be able to in the fall, so NaNoWriMo is a possibility.

I will of course, update, once I have more definite ideas. I will probably start thinking about more definite plans in the next couple of weeks. I have this week and next week to finish this class and then we start the second course (another four week course). Once I get through the first final, I will probably think about plans. Almost there.

As a quick update, the first week of clinical went ok. It was the first time we didn’t have prep time before clinical and jumped right in. I thought it was not good but my instructor said I did fine, so clearly I am being to hard on myself again. Deep breath, right?

For now, I am off to some yoga and then need to study because we have a test tomorrow. Wish me luck and I will talk with you all tomorrow. Have courage and be kind.

Life, Minimalism

Minimalism/declutter update

It’s been awhile since I updated about the declutter effort in my house. This is in large part because there isn’t as much stuff and therefore there is less to declutter. I am still working on the process though and trying to refine it. As I move into my new bullet journal, I have to redo some spreads. One of those spreads is my wardrobe spread. So I created two lists on the new page: a warm capsule and a cool capsule. There aren’t really four seasons here, so it seemed easier this way. I found some issues as I was working on that and it tells me that I still have some things to work on.

For example, I own five white tank tops. They all look a little different but honestly, I don’t need five white tank tops. I don’t even like the white that much. So, I can get rid of at least three, probably four. I also realized that I have some t-shirts that I kept but I really don’t like them because I don’t wear them. So a few more t-shirts are going as well. I have four pairs of shorts and that seems good to me. Once I get rid of some of the shirts, I will have six tanks and five t-shirts. Again, this seems good to me.

I also realized that I only own one long sleeved shirt. I love it but I need more than that. So once cool weather clothes are out again, I will have to acquire probably 2 long sleeve shirts. I have three sweaters and a cardigan. I’m separating that because the cardigan isn’t a sweater I would wear alone, obviously. I own two pairs of jeans but the size eight may be to big come cooler weather, so I may need to replace the eight with another six or possibly a four, depending. I have a couple of pairs of dress pants and two pairs of leggings. I have nothing to wear with the leggings though, so that’s problematic.

I may also get rid of some shoes. I have a pair of Sperry’s that I almost never wear. I’m going to wait and see what happens come fall though before I decide. Mostly, the shoe situation is good.

I have a bookcase that is empty sitting in my dining room. I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t want to get rid of it yet because I feel like it could be used someplace but I don’t know where right now. I had the large cabinet in my dining room that I turned into storage in my daughter’s room. I consolidated all of her stuff into that closet, which is great and also put chalkboard paint on the doors, so it serves two purposes. It also allowed us to rearrange her room, which is a bonus.

I can always go through my books again but I don’t have many left and several are books that I still want to read because I haven’t yet. Of course, nursing school means that I have almost no time for reading, so it may be awhile before I get to them. I need to create a list in my bullet journal so that I can keep a running list of what I still want to read but don’t own. I have decided to not buy anymore books until I read what I have. I’ve started utilizing the library more too, which is better for my wallet.

As a side note, I have started a Day Zero Project account and I will talk about that soon. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll explain it all in another post. I also need to talk about my running journey soon, so keep an eye out for that. I’m back at it and trying to stick with it. I still have a marathon on my bucket list and I feel like it’s attainable if I stay on track. So that’s it for now lovely people. I’ll be back tomorrow with more good stuff (like vacations!). Until then, love to you all!


Keeping up with the gym

Today was one of the days where it would have been really easy for me to not go to the gym. I have a test tomorrow, I was hungry (although I had a snack with me so that helped), I was tired and felt stressed out. It would have been so easy to say never mind and just go home instead of hauling my butt to the gym. Then I forgot my paper with my list of arm exercises and current weights. I went anyway, made some stuff up and adjusted as I went. I am thankful that I went.

There’s almost always an excuse, some reason why I could skip going today. I can always go tomorrow. How many times have you said that to yourself? I said that about running for a long time. Except tomorrow turned into next week. And that became next month and before I knew it, more than a year had gone by. Would running have been helpful during that time? Yes, especially since running gives me a chance to get out frustration and stress. I still skipped the time, justifying the reasons why it would be ok.

So today, I am working on reaffirming the fact that, yes, I need to go. Even when I feel tired or stressed. Maybe especially because I feel stressed. No, that run is not just as good tomorrow. I am committing myself to the fact that I want and need to do this for myself. I am better when I do it. It’s been awhile since I did yoga and I have been using the same excuses. Which is crazy because I have a yoga mat and know enough poses that I can do yoga on my own. Also, I have YouTube and let’s be honest. There are a million places with yoga workouts there. I need to do it.

People around me do the same things, every day. You’ve probably done it once or twice or a few dozen times in the past. We all do it. But we need to remember that the benefits of going and getting it done are well worth the hour we may spend at the gym. The benefits last much longer than that hour and may be responsible for helping us live longer, healthier lives. Persistence will pay off in the end. More importantly, if you have been making excuses, admit it and move on. Go back today and promise to start fresh. Yesterday is the past but we don’t live there. We live in the present and we need to do everything we can in the present moment to make our lives the best they can be. Forgive the mistakes you made and move on. The future is waiting and don’t you want to be the best version of you that you can be when you get there?

Nursing School

First test (figuring it out?)

Last week was my first week of summer classes (first week of eight, I should point out) and my first test (of a whole lot…). The test was on immunity which is a huge subject, to be sure. There was a lot of material to read through. I was really pleased with the grade I got, a 96. I wasn’t sure how well I would do initially because I changed how I was studying a bit. Most people would probably say that was a bad idea because I’ve been doing well so far with my current methods. However, when you have three days of material and a test, there is going to be a LOT of stuff to go through. More than what I really had time to learn completely.

My new method involves focusing in on what’s really important and looking over briefly the stuff that isn’t. But what is the important stuff, you might ask? Well, that part is easy. The important stuff is the details that I would need to know to take care of a patient with this condition. Seems obvious right? Well, let me give you some examples.

We spent a lot of time talking about the various immunoglobulins in the immune system. We were also supposed to know the functions of those immunoglobulins (there are five of them). I will admit that I don’t know the functions of those things. Now, I will go back and look it over again and eventually, I may learn all the functions. But as of right now, all I can tell you is that there are five of them (M, A, D, G, E) and I really only know two details. IgE is involved in allergic reactions and IgM and IgG are the two most common in the immune system. Why didn’t I learn the functions? Easy. It’s not relevant to taking care of the patient having immune system issues. It is good information to know, without a doubt. I want to know the functions, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not needed.

I looked over all my notes and skimmed through the reading and I found the pieces of information that are needed for patient care. I looked at the nursing diagnoses and thought about what kinds of details are important to look for in people with the diagnoses – if a person has inadequate perfusion, what symptoms will they manifest, for example, and how do you help them? And in doing that, I realized something that helped a lot.

I know a lot of this already.

I know, it made me stop suddenly too. I really do know a lot of this though. There are huge pieces that I don’t need to spend time going over again or only need to spend a little time on because they are already in my head. I just need to get them to the front of my brain. Taking care of the patient involves knowing their diagnosis, to some extent but more importantly, it means knowing how to treat their symptoms. It occurred to me that on the floor, often the nurses don’t know the diagnosis. The doctor may not have made one yet. They may have an idea of what’s wrong but sometimes, they’re wrong. They aren’t treating the patient by their diagnosis. They’re treating them based on their symptoms.

We spend a lot of time in class talking about the details of disease processes and those details are important. I am not suggesting they aren’t. In fact, in many cases, I am intrigued and I want to know more. That information could be really useful to both me and the patient. However, in treating the patient, from the nurses’ perspective, the diagnosis is secondary. After all, we don’t diagnose – we aren’t going to be doctors. We treat the symptoms the patient presents with and often, those things overlap.

Now, I have another test Wednesday and we’ll see if this new method of studying proves to be successful again. If not, I’ll have to reassess and see what to do differently. I really didn’t feel like the first test was difficult though and I think that’s telling since there was so much stuff in class. I’ll keep you all updated on the crazy that will be my summer semester (2 classes in eight weeks!). Hopefully come the end of it, there will be a celebration for a few weeks before fall semester starts. Love to you all and if you are in a crazy semester, I am sending you all sorts of good vibes!